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Mod city in Adobe illustrator tutorial

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
 1 Start with a rectangle of blue on the first layer. Lock the layer. Create a new layer.

2 Change the color to yellow. On the new layer using the Pen tool, draw a cityscape in the negative space.

3 Use the Pen tool and draw in the shapes seen below making sure to change colors as necessary.

4 Change to dark gray and draw in a street as shown below.

5 Using the same yellow, draw in a center line for the road then change to the Knife tool and make cuts. Use the Direct Selection tool and delete the little sections.

6 Change to the background blue and draw in the details on the buildings.

7 Draw in the highlights and shadow areas.

8 Draw in the sun with the Ellipse tool.

9 Change to orange and the Pencil brush. Set in some detail in the sky with a Stroke weight of 3 pt.

10 Change to Stroke and the dark blue in the picture. Add lines in places.

11 Finally, using a 2 pt. stroke, add in white and black lines, then change to a dark blue and add a couple of shadows by the buildings.


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