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3D logo with Corel Draw x4

Sunday, March 27, 2011
In this tutorial we're going to creat a 3d logo using coreldraw x4 so lets start
Step-1 creat a cirlce + in the key board hold the shift and resize

now cut the firts circle by the second

Now draw a rectangle and weld all objects

Draw square and rotate it 45° like this

Now use the cut tool
use the 3d tool and extrude the shape

now right and ungroup the 3d shape

Step-3 lest move to the colors select the front shape and chose radial orange

Now select face right click all ungroup now select shapes and weld the and choose the linear orange

Now select the top shape

Now select the other shape

Now select the last shape

you should have something like this
Now select the from shape and duplicate it 2 time and move the second copy litle bit like this

Now select the both copy and cut the firts by the second
now right click and

Now delete all the shape exept the two in the botton and

chose with color and applly trasparency

Now add the shadoww and this is the result

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