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Saturday, April 2, 2011
In this tutorial we're going to make a vector LCD tv using coreldraw x4
step-1 creat 3 rectangles like this

now lets color

now select the blue rectangle + in the keyboard and draw a circle use the cut tool the rectangle by the circle

Now use the transparency tool
- select the black rectang and + twice move the second copy and resize it litle . select the new copys and cut

Now draw a circle and select the above shape and cut

Now repeat the same opiration with the blue rectangle and apply the trasparency tool you should have something like this

Now you can add th bottons.
Step-2 group all objects and add a perspective effect > add perspective

now draw a rectangle and convert it to a curve

Now chose dark grey for the new rec tangle like this

now select the big rectangle + twice and cut

now chose white color

draw an oval cirle + in the keyboard and resize now apply the gradient too
Now use the bezier tool and draw a shape like this now arrange all objects

Your LCD is done......!! 


  1. muis said...:

    nice tuttorial... i like it :)

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