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How To Create Sepia Effect in Photoshop

Saturday, April 30, 2011
This tutorial is to give effect sepia look to your photos in Adobe Photoshop. There are several ways to give this effect and I hope I'm saying about the technique he did not know before. Let's start the tutorial.


open new image

First open your image in Photoshop. I am using the stock image of Little Mermaid Ariel from Deviantart. Now make the new adjustment layer with following settings.

Now your photograph will look something like this.  

 Now flattern the image and open the color balance box and fill it with the following settings.

Now create a duplicate image of the background image and make it blur by clicking on Filters> Blur > Gaussian Blur. Use the radius 5.5.

Now set the layer style as shown in screenshot below

Now Flattern the image and your sepia effect look is ready.


  1. Mek said...:

    gonna bookmark this one, need this for my retro blog lol

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