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make photos into paintings

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
in this Tutorial I will try to make a photo to be as painting


1. Open the photo file has been downloaded or you can use photos you have. The way the menu select File> Open or double-click on an empty area.
2.  Here we will need two layers where the layer of them will be the color of watercolor and the other layer will be a sketch of the image. Therefore, duplicate the Background layer by selecting Layer> Duplicate Layer and name the new layer with a sketch

In the third step we are going to make one layer on top of a water color paint. In Photoshop we know the Watercolor Filters are effects to create a watercolor masterpiece. In this tutorial we will not use the Watercolor filter but uses a different way. Why? because the Watercolor filter will produce works that are less experienced watercolor in which the image becomes too dark and visible strokes of the brush becomes unnatural. do the following: Activate the Background layer by clicking on the Background layer. hide the sketch layer by clicking the eye icon to the left of the layer. 

Run Filter> Artistic> Dry Brush to Dry Brush dialog box appears. Try to set the Brush Size, Brush Detail and Texture to produce work to your liking (here I am trying to use 9, 9, and 1). Then click Ok. 

To soften and give the impression of a natural brush strokes, run Filter> Blur> Smart Blur dialog box will display the Smart Blur. Try to set the Radius range between 10 and threshold ranges from 50. Before selecting Ok, do not forget to set the Quality to High and Mode to Normal. 

1. Next we will work with the sketch layer. Follow the steps below: Click on the sketch layer to make it active. run Image> Adjustments> Desaturate to remove color images. Run Filter> Blur> Smart Blur and set the Quality to High and Mode to Edge Only. 
2. In this step, we will combine the two layers. In the Layer palette, click the pop-up menu and select Multiply. Let remained at 100% Opacity. 

In this last step we will do the color settings. To brighten the image you can use the adjustment layer so that someday you can do the reset. Start the Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels to show the New Layer dialog box. Select OK to display the Levels dialog box. Set the Input Levels to 0, 1, and 150 and then select Ok.Sekarang we will give a different color in the image. Start the Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Hue / Saturation and adjust the colors to your liking. 



  1. sangat jelas sob penjelasan tutornya
    trims akan dicoba mumpung software baru aku install

  1. Ben said...:

    selamat mencoba semoga sukses.........!!!

  1. thomas said...:

    very interesting

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