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photo manipulation (face off)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
This time I will try to make a tutorial to manipulate photos, we will try to manipulate a photo so it looks as the face off

Open this picture in photoshop

STEEP 2    
For Fig faces: create duplicat first, then we remove the face outside with marquee selection tool and then delete.
For Figure skull: Delete backgroundya, see the results on the image below

Set both the image with the position of facial images that we have been cut over the image of the skull (the original facial image should dihidden untukmempermudah first layer of our work). Make a selection on a face with a load selection (select - load selection - OK) and press CTRL SHIFT I or inverse selection.
Still we seleection position switch layer of the skull and press Delete.see picture below

And set just as the picture below, and remove the skull edges with eraser tool.

Unhide or display layers that we already face was cut and set its position (see picture) and then use trasform warp. :)

and this resault

Create a brush (a new layer above the layer face) to create the impression of shadow. Use the layer opacity to adjust the light intensity. And use the eraser tool to smooth out

We return again to the skull and the next layer with bevel emboss effect (pillow emboss). For the setting embossnya see screenshot below

Close To emboss effect on bagiaan forehead, can take (copy) of the background layer (layer overall picture face) which we then position the top layernya. Delete as necessary in the pinngirnya with the eraser tool (set the flow / opacity brushnya if necessary)

and this resault 

Next is to mengolesinya with blood (: not a true blood)
First save the first picture following

Adjust as needed and use the Eraser tool which we could then duplicate and set in such a way as to become the image below

 sorry if this tutorial is less clear.......!!!!!


  1. ahaa selalu ada tutor yang menarik disini

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