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Sunset with coreldraw

Friday, March 25, 2011
1. Open Corel DRAW.
2. Draw the rectangle with Rectangle Tool to create the cloud effect. Remove outline.

3. Select Interactive Fill Tool. Drag from Top to Bottom.
4. Fill Black, Red And Yellow color from top to bottom and adjust the proportion properly.
corel draw tutorials

5. Select the rectangle. Drag it down with Top Center point to get the mirror image of the original. Without leaving left button, click right mouse button to get the copy of the mirror image which will be used as a lake.
corel draw tips
6. Draw mountains with Bazier Tool and fill it with black color.
corel draw tricks
7. Follow the step 5 to get the mirror image of the mountains
corel draw techniques
8. Send the mountains behind the lake.
9. Select lake. Select Interactive Transparency Tool. Drag over the lake. You will get the reflection of the mountains.
corel draw lessons
10. You will get the reflection of the mountains.
corel draw projects
11. Draw Land with Bazier Tool
corel draw effects
12. Draw Coconut tree with Bazier Tool.
corel draw art
13. Group the branches and copy them to create two more trees.
corel draw artwork
14. The output will look like this.
corel draw graphics
15. Draw the Boat with Bazier tool and group it. Make the reflection of it using previous mountain steps and send the reflection behind the Lake.
corel draw designs
16. The output will look like this.
corel draw graphics design
17. Create Circle with Ellipse Tool fill it with Interactive fill tool using Radial Fountain Fill. This will make Sun. Use the combination of red and yellow color.
18. Send the Sun behind mountains.
corel draw digital art
19. Duplicate and get the copy of sun. Stretch it horizontally and make it thin vertically.
20. Keep on duplicating and place it one below other.
21. Make the size of the copy small as you go downwards.
22. This will create the reflection of the Sun in the lake.
corel draw web art


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